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Top 5 Biggest Myths Surrounding Artificial Intelligence

printed circuit boardsFor generations, people have speculated over what they think the future is going to look like. By now, some even believed that the world would be filled with hover-cars, aliens, and thousands of robots. While technology has been developing at a very fast pace, it would seem that the imagination of individuals has managed to develop even faster. Since the invention of printed circuit boards, humans have been able to reach the moon, travel through space, and create thousands of new technologies. In addition, the world has also managed to invent a decent amount of myths surrounding artificial intelligence.

Robots Can Obtain Artificial Intelligence

printed circuit boardsOne of the biggest myths surrounding artificial intelligence is that a robot can be built with a conscious mind. While this may seem achievable, it doesn’t seem to be possible to create robots who can act and think on their own accord. Many people are afraid of AI because they believe that they might one day overthrow the human race, but as of yet, science has proven it to be impossible to create anything as complex as the human brain.

Robots and Humans Are Alike

Another myth about artificial intelligence is that robots will one day be so perfect that it’ll be impossible to tell them apart from humans. While this may seem like a possibility, it isn’t. Although robots can be built to resemble a human, they are actually very far from being one. This is because robots cannot actually feel human emotions, taste food, or think with common sense. The human mind is simply too complex to recreate, which is why it isn’t likely to occur.

It is Dangerous for a Robot to be Smarter Than a Human

printed circuit boardsAnother popular rumor circulating around artificial intelligence is the one that robots can become dangerous towards humans should they become smarter than them. This is false, however, as there are already many computers that are smarter than humans. Since robots and computers can’t think for themselves, they can’t ploy against the human race.

Super Smart Computers Can Think for Themselves

Since computers and robots are generally made to gather new information on their own, some often believe that they can think for themselves when they actually cannot. A computer can be smarter than the person who created it thanks to the way it is programmed, but it can’t act on personal impulse or make its own decision based on preferences.

printed circuit boards

Robots Are Coming… and Fast

Today’s population is under the impression that robots are going to be created and integrated into society in the blink of an eye. However, it is going to take decades or even centuries before robots are seen walk down the streets.

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