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4 Jobs That are Safe From Artificial Intelligence… For Now

printed circuit boardWhile there isn’t an abundance of talk on the matter, it isn’t a secret that artificial intelligence is coming for the modern world. Sure, there are still printed circuit boards and microchip kinks to be worked out, but there is no use denying that robots are going to be integrated into society sooner than later. For some people, the thought of having robots amongst them is exciting, but for others it is extremely concerning. One of the reasons why humans are concerned about artificial intelligence becoming apart of society is job security, or well, lack thereof. The following are the top 4 job fields that are safe from robots...for now. 


Although robots can be programed to know absolutely everything there is to know on a subject, they still wouldn’t make the greatest teachers. This is because modern robots aren’t able to use common sense, compassion, or reason. Generally, robots think in black and white, in right and wrong, in left and right, they do not understand how there are 100 ways a person see something. This electronic makeup would be disastrous in a classroom, as humans often need tips and tricks on how to retain information or get to a solution.

printed circuit board

Customer Service Jobs

Another field of work that would be safe from artificial intelligence is the one of customer service. Although robots could easily qualify for the job description and the tasks it constitutes, they would make lousy customer service representative because they just aren’t human. Since most people who call customer service phone lines are usually infuriated to some degree, having them conversate with a robot could be disastrous. This is because humans enjoy confronting humans when something goes wrong, not robots. In the end, the words “I’m sorry,” don’t mean much when they come from someone who was programmed to say them.

printed circuit boardHealthcare Jobs

The healthcare field would also be safe from getting overtaken by artificial intelligence due to compassion, ethics, and trusting issues. Although robots would technically be able to execute complex surgeries with extreme precision, not many patients would agree to having themselves cut open by a robot. More than that, robots would only listen to statistics and facts, which could make trying to save someone seem pointless to them, when technically there is always a chance at survival.


printed circuit board

While a robot can easily present a news piece to a camera or write out an easy-to-read article, there is a general lack of interest on their part that a human is often driven by. Since humans are curious by nature, getting the real story or finding new and exciting topics to cover is going to be their main objective. However, a robot’s main objective will be to relay the news flawlessly.

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