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4 Things you Didn’t Know About Microchips


printed circuit boardThe problem with printed circuit board is that they are both good and bad. On one hand, humans cannot help but love printed circuit boards due to their major influence on human technology, but on the other hand their invention might result in humans getting microchipped from birth in the future. Although most people would refuse to have a microchip implanted into them, it is said that the future generations will not have the luxury that is choice. While a microchip does have its good attributes, in the end it takes away a human’s right to absolute freedom. The following is a list of 4 interesting things about microchips.

Animal Microchips Have Many Benefits

For the most part humans are familiar with microchips due to their pets receiving them at the veterinarian office. Animal microchips have many benefits and allow pet owners the peace of mind of never actually losing their pets. Additionally, microchips allows lost or hurt pets to get scanned by vets before medicating them. This is crucial because it gives vets access to their medical folders, thus allowing them to learn about the pet’s conditions.

printed circuit board

Human Microchips are Coming….and Fast


printed circuit boardIf humans were born and no sooner than one hour passed before they received their microchip, many angry parents would try to intercept. Eventually, however, governments will begin to impose microchips in their regulations and punish those who do not abide by their rules. Despite there being many benefits to have a microchip, it is easy to see why humans wouldn’t want one implanted into their bodies. Having a microchip implanted would make people a prisoner in their own bodies, and there wouldn’t be anywhere they could go, alone.

Microchips Implantations Aren’t Painful in the Slightest

Anyone who has watched a sci-fi movie believes the microchip implantation process to be excruciatingly painful, however, it really isn’t. A lot of people tend to believe this because of the theatrics actors pull when having one implanted. Contrary to their facial spasms, however, microchips are so miniscule that their implantation isn't painful in the slightest. In fact, people have compared them to being pricked by a needle.

Some People Already Have Microchips

printed circuit board

This may be very unsettling to some people but there are some people who have been microchipped unknowingly. Although doing this should be illegal, there are no current laws on microchipping humans which leaves a gateway open for those who know no boundaries. It has been said that criminals who have been injured or received medical care might be microchipped by the government unknowingly. Also, there could be everyday people who have been surgically modified without them knowing. 

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