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The Benefits of HDI Circuit Boards
circuit boardHDI stands for high density interconnect and is one of the fasted growing technologies in the circuit board manufacturing world. As its name implies, this technology utilizes circuitry that is far more dense than that found in traditional circuit boards. To date, there are six different types of HDI PCBs, although others may be developed in the future as hdi pcb technology continues to evolve. These boards have many benefits for users over traditionally manufactured circuit boards.
HDI technology is responsible for personal electronic devices becoming smaller over the years. For instance, the large, cumbersome video cameras of the 1980s and '90s can now be held in the palm of an average sized person's hand. Cellular phones have also shrunk significantly since they first came on the market, and mini laptops are seen everywhere these days. Consumers appreciate these smaller devices because they are much easier to carry than their earlier counterparts.

Along with allowing lighter, more streamlined devices to be produced, HDI technology has also increased speeds and storage capabilities significantly as well as made it possible for the same device to serve many functions. Phones, for instance, used to function only as phones, but modern phones can also take pictures, record conversations, act as GPS units, provide Internet access, and work flawlessly with a wide variety of apps.

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Another of the major benefits that HDI technology has brought to the marketplace is that it has enabled prices to decrease substantially without sacrificing quality. HDI technology essentially uses thinner materials as well as specialized equipment such as laser drills, laser imaging, and sequential lamination.

Although manufacturers must invest significant capital into the equipment necessary to create these boards, the investment works out well because of the high demand for products containing HDI circuit boards. HDI is what is known as "consumer-driven technology" because it evolved to fit a marketplace need for lighter, smaller electronic devices that could be used for multiple purposes.

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Today's consumers no longer have to carry separate devices to make calls, listen to music, take pictures, send email messages, or surf the Internet.

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